Narf isn't the brightest space cow in the space barn. Often, you need to come to the rescue when he gets lost. This time, he's found himself in a spinning space maze. Not so bad, until you realize you're not the only one trying to save him.

Use your tractor beam to pull Narf towards and away from you. Collect the key that matches your player's colour to unlock your gate, and pull Narf to safety to win. Watch out for the hot spots in the maze - those will burn Narf and send him scampering back to the center of the map.


Escape - Pause

Player 1
W, S - Moove up/down
A - Pull Narf
D - Push Narf

Player 2
Up, Down - Moove up/down
Right - Pull Narf
Left - Push Narf

This game was a product of Global Game Jam 2019.

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